Brand Ambassador Program

RHEO is a brand for the innovators, the pursuers of greatness, the boundless, the learners of mistakes, the patiently impatient, the dominant of self'ers. If that describes you, take our ambassador program into consideration. We aim to inspire, motivate & educate men and women, as well as boys and girls of the world, the importance of achieving the ability to flow. Flow is a level of greatness we should all aim to achieve because it enables us to complete an art without mentally straining. This level of greatness is attained by a repetitive pattern of accurate, precise, and efficient movements otherwise known as The Rhythm of Technique.

We believe the biggest room in existence is the room for growth so we are dedicated to growing and have a deep love for the process. The most important part of our growth lies in our ambassadors for they are in the field with the customers and the customers are crucial to the process. Our ambassadors are the voice of the customers.The goal of the program is to boost brand awareness through social media and by word of mouth. Ultimately, the program will have multiple ambassadors, from all over the nation and the world, who help market, promote, sell apparel and merchandise, for commissions.

To be an ambassador, you must be at least 18 years of age. You should be an outgoing individual with a positive and influential personality. You also must have a passion for achieving greatness. You must be able to promote the company through personal representation and social media in a positive way. We choose ambassadors based on enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and virtually. Writing, photography and social media skills are important but mostly we’re looking for inspiration and involvement! You’re representation as an ambassador is simple: to passionately represent the spirit of RHEO Apparel over a minimum of a 3 month ambassadorship.

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