Vision Statement:

RHEO’s vision is to cultivate the greatness within the individual.

Mission Statement:

RHEO’s mission is to encourage the world to develop into their very best because we believe that will enable us to work well as a team no matter what. We also believe, to inspire great change, we must be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with us. It starts with: “I CAN. I WILL. I AM!”

I CAN - Inspire Greatness
As we already mentioned, to inspire great change, we must be the change we want to see in the world. We must set and uphold the highest standard. That means remaining humble and never getting satisfied with our growth. The biggest room in the universe is the room for improvement: We should always seek for ways to improve.

I WILL - Cultivate the Greatness Within
Once we understand how to bring out the best in ourselves, we will then be able to bring out the best of those around us. It takes experience and patience: experience your own greatness and be patient when helping others journey their own.

I AM – Great
Being great means to grow into your greatness, staying humble and bringing out the greatness in others. There are no days off, always uphold the highest standard, never let it get to your head. “God opposes the prideful but shows favor to the humble” 2 Peter 5:5

The brand that gives

RHEO is a brand that was created to give back to the world and close communities. It will be the brand that funds life-changing organizations, events, and projects.

RHEO: No Bully, No Victim Program
We believe there is an underlying reason that bullies are in fact bullies. The bully victim is usually always catered to after a tragic, terrifying, and sometimes traumatic situations - which is great and we should learn to stick together – but we must also look at the bully and find out what is bothering the individual. Hurt people hurt people, we want to help bring awareness to both parties involved and bring the world together. We can do this with our products, spirit, and every purchase of RHEO merchandise to fund the aspects that aim to fix this problem in our society.

RHEO: Women’s Fighting Chance Program
Too much, too often there is abductions, rape, murders, domestic violence and other alarming stories of woman minding  their own business on a jog, grocery shopping etc. getting harmed. We want to bring awareness of the dangers of the world for women and give them a fighting chance by funding a way to equip them with proper self defense techniques…after all they are a big part of the human races future.

RHEO: Train for Gold Program
We want to help the less fortunate youth get into the art of jiu jitsu. It’s a lifelong journey and is very rewarding. RHEO aims to help those who want to get into the art but just cant afford, lets provided them easier access.